Just add water: Fallow Deer with compote

Fallow deer with apple, Chantarelles and potato compote
Fallow deer with apple, Chantarelles and potato compote

As autumn rolls around again, we all hunker down for the coming cold and dark days, yet in the darkness we can find respite in having a solid meal or two, then why not treat yourself or someone to something a little special?

With the coming of autumn, nature’s pantry is positively brimming with produce which is both interesting, nutritious and tasty! This week we’ll be looking at fallow deer with some assorted compliments; such as small braised Chanterelles, homemade potato compote and apple sauce!

  1. If we start with the apple sauce; simply chop up a kilo of apples, place in a cast iron pot, add around 400g sugar and let boil down for an hour whilst stirring occasionally and you’ll have yourself a fine sugary consistency!
  2. The Potatoes are simply boiled then drained, add some chopped red onion and leek, a knob of butter and 1 dl of milk. Press and mix until it has a sooth but not silky texture (you’ll want to keep some bits left!).
  3. With the Chanterelles, simply braise them quickly at high heat in a pan with butter!
  4. Now comes the main feature; the deer; set the oven to 150c, heat a pan to a high temp, add butter and braise the meat on both sides for about 15 seconds each, place in a ovenproof tray and bake for 20-30 minutes or when the internal temp reaches 56c!

Serves 2

Oven 150c

250g Inner loin of Deer

300g baby potatoes

1 red onion

40g Butter

1dl Milk + Seasoning

150g Small Chanterelles

1kg Apples

400g Sugar

Serve and Enjoy!


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