Just add water: The Sandwich

The simplicity of a sandwich
The simplicity of a sandwich

When in doubt, simplify.

The very essence of good food lies in it’s simplicity and taste, for with just a few solid pieces of produce you can create something memorable and nutritious. A fact which cannot ring more true, than for the humble sandwich, a proposition which denotes simplicity, being quick to make and about as fast to eat. The sandwich has become such a staple of our daily lives that we often pass by its significance.

Yet a good sandwich goes a surprisingly long way in keeping you content with your day, the basis of any sandwich is a balance of tastes, sweet and sour, salt or sugary, acidic or alkaline, the possible combinations are basically up to you  So why not try something totally different for once, like levain bread with pickled cucumbers, salt and oxalis, or why not add a dollop of sweet mustard to the mix?

Below is a list of items offering inspiration, but more importantly, just experiment!

A Loaf of bread

 Fresh salad

Slices of cured sirloin

Pickled cucumbers

Fresh prawns

Braised Duck

Oxalis petals

Pecan nuts

Sour cream

Crushed pepper

Creating a sandwich is therefore something inherently personal, as we all have our own specific go-to preferences, the one’s we keep on returning to, from sleepy mornings to sleepless nights. For here’s to the sandwich, a perennial sustainer of energy, taste and inspiration!


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