Capturing political power

Power is in itself a diffuse concept, it intertwines society and it’s denizens, power is not one set of actions, but a representation of the flow of influence from A to B to C…

Looking at purely political power, we can see the face value of recognition in political leaders, the influence politicians or a government have in driving legislation or the way in which a community chooses to vote in an election.

So how does one capture such concepts through photography?

In my case i’ve looked at architecture as my source of inspiration, as it comes to represent the ideals and aspirations of a state’s political power, such monuments often carry symbolic weight in enlightening and punctuating the state’ s historical roots and inherent principles. So what better place to do this than in Washington D.C, the centre of the present day international system!

With it’s grandiose classical facades, The Mall’s interspersed palaces of power carry not only political but also symbolic weight in the pursuit of political and ethical values in both the U.S but also internationally.

In so places which originally housed political power have also come to disperse cultural power through their architectural significance and recognisability.


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